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Elwood Concerts In The Park
Bands - Elwood Concerts In The Park 2020

 We've placed some links to some of  the bands who will perform for Elwood Concerts In The Park.

The Bulldogs The Bulldogs

Spike and the Bulldogs takes you back the days of the "Drive In" and the "Sock Hop". Spike and the Bulldogs have been bringing the "Oldies" back for most of 20 years.

The American Kings The American Kings

The show features all the big rock n roll hits of the 1950s and 1960s by America's only atomic powered band - the American Kings! The boys will take you through the first ten years of rock n roll performing songs from Elvis, the Beatles and all the big hitters that came in between.

Reminisce Reminisce

Playing the songs of the late 1950's and the early 1960's. They will take you back to the times when you gathered with your friends and your favorite Girl or Boy and laughed and danced  and sang the night away to the tunes that sparked romance and happy times.

The Junk-Yard Band The Junk-Yard Band

Junk Yard Band continues to ROCK ON! A full playing schedule is testimony to JYB’s popularity and staying power. A diverse Classic Rock and Oldies play-list are part of today’s Junk Yard Band.

My Yellow Rickshaw My Yellow Rickshaw

Introducing Indy’s “Self-Proclaimed #1

Pop, Rock, Bluegrass, R&B Cover Band!”

Elwood Concerts In The Park gladly accepts all donations for the support of our concert series.