Elwood Concerts In The Park
Bands - Elwood Concerts In The Park 2014

 We've placed some links to some of  the bands who have performed for Elwood Concerts In The Park.

The Bulldogs

Spike and the Bulldogs takes you back the days of the "Drive In" and the "Sock Hop". Spike and the Bulldogs have been bringing the "Oldies" back for most of 20 years.

Get Together Band

The GTB started out as an experiment for the Thursday jam session at the Lafayette Eagles Club in January of 2014. The band quickly seemed to form a bond that became a hit among the line dancers and club members.

Quincys Brass

Quincy’s Brass is a dynamic 8-piece party band from Central Indiana. Our repertoire is a large variety of music from top 40 danceable cover tunes in the genres of disco, rock, classic rock, pop and a country to Big Band and Jazz Standards. We do it all from the 1940s to today.


Playing the songs of the late 1950's and the early 1960's. They will take you back to the times when you gathered with your friends and your favorite Girl or Boy and laughed and danced  and sang the night away to the tunes that sparked romance and happy times.


THE MARLINS' repertoire covers the entire musical spectrum including country, rock, big band, pop, classical, jazz, and bluegrass.  Whether it's a show, dance, or quiet dinner music, they feel right at home - in short, music for any occasion or age group.

Moon Cats

The Moon Cats are 4 guys who love the roots of rock & roll, the legends like Elvis Presley, Buddy Holly, Bill Haley & the Comets, Little Richard, Chuck Berry, Hank Williams, The Beatles and the should-be legends of Big Joe Turner, Hank Ballard, & Jack Scott.

Bigger Is Better Band

Oldies & Beyond

Southern Country

Southern Country is an Indianpolis based cover band playing new country and some southern rock. Southern Country also writes and performs some original songs in their shows. 

Jay Fox Band

The BAVARIAN SHOWTIME BAND consists of all full time pro-musicians. Along with Jay on accordion, vocals, yodeling, cowbells and schuhplatting, the female singer vocalizes on all styles of music with lead and backup vocals and also performs on cowbells and schuhplatting. The drummer also is a schuhplattler and vocalist along with percussion.

Elwood Concerts In The Park gladly accepts all donations for the support of our concert series.